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Can't find the answer to your question?

To schedule a craft party, order a "REMIX"ed item or place an order for favors, call us at 
480-44-CRAFT or email us at


Send us your OLD and we will make it NEW, 

let us handmake a totally new item,

OR let us show you how by planning a craft party.  



Run out of uses for an item in your home.  Send us a picture 

and we can give you ideas how to reuse the item so it does not 

go to waste.  Send it to us and we can prepare it for reuse 

for you or show you how!!!  Give it a new purpose.  


As you begin Spring Cleaning, do not just throw out the clothing and accessories 

that do not fit or is out of style.   By using just your item or mixing in new materials, our seamstress can alter your item or make a totally new item from the remnants. 





During a long weekend, let us plan a party to get your craft and artsy juices flowing.  Whether its a Girls Day, Kids Party or other special occassion, our mobile craft station will help you create projects and memories that will revive your house and your life in a relaxing environment, your HOME.  

To schedule a mobile craft party, click here.  


Or join us for one of our weekly craft events.  

The schedule is updated regularly so check back often to see what is happening.

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